Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tutoring, And Why I Don't Blog

Well, let's answer that second part.  I don't blog because....

...I'm lazy.

There, we've got it out in the open.

Anyway, I've been tutoring since February, and frankly, some of the funniest shit ever has come out of these kids mouths.  But today, today I think I won it.

9 year old boy:  I don't play with toys any more.  (he had this really self satisfied air about him when he said this, and because I still play with my toys and I'm 30ish, I found I needed to do something about this)

Me:  Don't you have a Playstation?

9 year old boy:  Yeah.  But that's not a toy.

Me:  Can't you buy those at Toys R Us?

9 year old boy:  Ye- *stops right there, giving me a death glare*

I know that I felt erudite and urbane.  I also know that he gave me a look like he felt like I was being a bitch. 

So we all win!

Okay, there might have been a faux surprised, wide eyed, hand in front of open mouth mocking look in there when I showed him how I am much smarter than him, so the being a bitch opinion might not have been too far off.

I had to explain to him that he's NINE.  Not having toys at the age of nine doesn't make you grown up.  It makes you deprived.  I would lose my shit if someone too my My Little Ponies away, or my stuffed Cactaur, or the stuffed Captain America I quietly promise the rest of my life to when Husband is not within earshot.

So yeah, I'm teaching kids to hate their private tutors one child at a time.  I think there's a PSA in there somewhere.

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